2015 Spring New Members

Recruitment this past spring was pretty successful and I am very happy with our results! In addition to the two guys who went through Sigma Ritual in December, we added another 9 fine gentlemen to our Spring Recruitment class! Without further ado, here they are! (We are out-doing ourselves in recruiting Nick’s right now)

Erik Ver Hoef

Sophomore – Civil Engineering – LTU Soccer Goalie

Atlaure Hayes

Freshman – Electrical Engineering – LTU Cross Country and Lacrosse

Chris Suchezky

Sophomore – Robotics Engineering – LTU Ultimate

Joseph McNeil

Freshman – Biomedical Engineering – LTU Bowling Team

Dario Dipaola

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas O’Brien

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering – LTU Soccer Player

Nicholas Sytsma

Freshman – Architecture

Nick Doherty

Freshman – Architectural Engineering

Kyle Schmidt

Sophomore – Civil Engineering – Concrete Toboggan

Sahil Jaggi

Freshman – Computer Science

Nicholas Hysick

Freshman – Mechanical Engineering

2015 Eboard


Name: Mario Gagnon
Email: mgagnon@ltu.edu

Summary: My name is Mario Gagnon. I am a 4th year student here at Lawrence Tech University studying Mechanical Engineering. I joined SigEp in the Fall of 2011 and have served as the Vice President of Programming for the 2013‐2014 school year. Recently I was elected as the Chapter President for the 2015. I enjoy spending my free time hanging out with friends (brothers), listening to EDM music, and tinkering with anything I can. I work at DENSO International, an automotive supplier, and am the owner and operator of a small vending company.


Name: Adam Drotar
Email: adrotar@ltu.edu

Summary: My name is Adam Drotar. I am a Junior majoring in Robotics and

Computer Engineering. Originally, I’m from Sterling Heights, however, last summer I purchased a three bedroom condo at 10 Mile and Lahser where I’m living with three roommates. I’m currently working at ImageSoft, a software company, where I troubleshoot server issues and configure software as a member of the Technical Support team. It should be a great year and I’m looking forward to serving as VP Finance on the Executive Board.


Name: Brendon Clover
Email: bclover@ltu.edu

Summary: Hi, my name is Brendon Clover, and I will be the VP of Programming for 2015. I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering and Molecular and Cell Biology. I am the captain of LTU’s cross country team and the president of the club track team, which probably makes it pretty clear that I like to run. My original home is White Lake, MI, which is about 40 minutes northwest of campus, and now live in on‐ campus housing. Though I have lived in the US for most of my life, I briefly lived in Germany when I was young and I am a dual German‐US citizen.


Name: Kienan Kowalski
Email: kkowalsk1@ltu.edu

Summary: Hello brothers, I’m Kienan Kowalski and I will be the Vice President of Recruitment for the coming year! I’m in my sophomore year studying construction management and over the past year in SigEp I’ve been heavily involved with recruitment, serving as the Year Round Recruitment Chair last spring and Rush Chair this fall. I loved my experiences being part of Recruitment and I’m very excited for this opportunity! That being said my biggest goal for recruitment is to utilize a bigger committee in order to have more success in recruitment. Rather than delegating everything to either the Rush Chair or Year Round Recruitment chair, I expanded the

committee to nine positions and each has a specific role in ensuring that an event is successful. I also want to make sure

we are recruiting outside of our Rush and Year Round Recruitment events and this new committee will help achieve this. For example, getting a group of brothers together and inviting some PNM’s with us to go to a hockey game or some  other campus event. Beyond making us better recruiters, a larger committee will get more of our chapter involved and  by using campus events to recruit we are also showing our allegiance to the university. I’m looking forward to a fun and successful year in recruitment and for the chapter, if you have any questions or comments feel free to hit me up!


Name: Tony Fakhouri
Email: afakhouri@ltu.edu

Summary: Gentlemen, I am excited for the upcoming year as serving as the chapter’s new VP of Member Development, as well as the Burning Heart Award recipient. My name is Tony Fakhouri and I am a Mechanical Engineering major in my sophomore year, I currently work 25hrs/week as an Co‐Op Engineering   Student at Calsonic Kansei North America. I recently served as the Sound Body Chair under both the programming and member development committees, which was an area that I found much success in during this past semester. Among the many challenges that I will be facing over the course of this next year, no challenge is as big as improving the chapter’s average GPA. The steps I am taking to turn it around is to identify any excuses that brothers may have to be the reason that  they are not maintaining or exceeding the 2.80 GPA requirement that was recently instituted. Once those excuses are identified, I plan to take all those excuses away, for example: If a brother does not have a place to study without any distractions, then I will supply them with one. If a brother blames their professor for being awful, I will help point them in the direction of other brothers or faculty who may be willing and able to help. The list goes on… Overall, I look forward to working with you all and hope to be able to guide to a state where no brothers are on academic standards or worried about being eligible to run for an Executive Board position at the chapter’s standard of a 3.00.


Name: Jess Moon Email: jmoon1@ltu.edu

Summary: My name is Jess Moon and I will be Chaplain for Spring 2015 and Fall 2015. I joined Sig Ep in Spring 2013 and am currently a junior studying Graphic Design here at Lawrence Tech. I work at the Don Riddler Field House, but will be working for student engagement as a Student Graphic Designer in the spring. I am an avid snowboarder and hope that I am able to make a career out of both Graphic Design and the extreme sport. As Chaplain, I hope to improve chapter G.P.A as well as improve Chapter and standards board relationships.


Name: Corbin Patten
Email: cpatten@ltu.edu

Summary: I am a sophomore transfer student from Muskoka, Ontario, and I transferred down here to complete my degree in Architecture. I found SigEp really  early on through fellow classmates and I am glad to become part of such a great organization. I ran for VP Communications with a promise to use my previous  marketing experience to help improve the SigEp brand here at LTU. My main goal is to get awesome website up and running before recruitment week in January. I ran on this promise because when I joined it was hard to find information on Michigan Theta since the only source was really a brief summary on LTU’s website. On a more personal note, being an Archi I would probably say there isn’t a whole lot I do outside of architecture. Love playing hockey, being at the dock in the summer, and hanging out with friends  and fellow brothers whenever I can.


Name: Pierce Sadlier
Email: psadlier@ltu.edu

Summary: Hello, my name is Pierce. I am a junior in the Architectural Engineering program. I was Vice President of Recruitment this past fall and I have been working as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Stantec. I was able to push myself this past semester to win a chapter‐wide physical fitness challenge and win our yearly Sound Body award. I was elected as the first Vice President of Chapter Development for the 2015 year. This is a new position that the chapter has started which takes over RLC Chair. As a new position my objectives will be to set the standards for future VPCD’s

and set the framework to achieve numerous goals we have for our chapter. Contact with any questions or concerns!