Memorial Campaign

Funding At-A-Glance

MI Theta Memorial Campaign
Campaign Goal: $50,000
Established: 2009

Pledges and Donations to date: $41,006

John Jurewicz II Burning Heart Award
($750 annually)

Ruck Leadership Institute Sponsorship
($425 annually)

Carlson Leadership Academy Sponsorship
($150 annually)

The Balanced Man Scholarship
(Endowment interest draw annually)

Sigma Phi Epsilon Memorial Lecture Garden
($25,000 – 2016 Construction and LTU Maintenance Endowment)

Why was the Memorial Campaign created?

On September 21, 2008 the Michigan Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon lost a brother as a result of a tragic car accident. After spending weeks in a coma, John Jurewicz II, Lawrence Tech ’92, died from injuries suffered when his car was struck by another vehicle.

Brother Jurewicz, affectionately known as JJ, was one of the most dedicated members of the chapter for 20 years as both an undergraduate and alumnus. He joined the fraternity in the fall of 1987 and held numerous positions while an undergraduate member. However, his legacy in the chapter began in 1989 when he took on the role of the chapter’s Fundraising Chairman where he supported and helped establish the relationship working concessions stands at the Pontiac Silverdome. Over the past 25 years  the chapter has earned over $350,000 working these events, all thanks in part to the commitment of Brother Jurewicz.

However, Brother Jurewicz’ dedication to the fraternity did not end when he graduated, it had only begun. Immediately upon graduation in June of 1992 Brother Jurewicz joined the Chapter’s Alumni Board, now Alumni Volunteer Corporation (AVC) and began supporting the chapter by continuing to attend chapter functions as well as numerous Carlson Leadership Academies and Grand Chapter Conclaves in order to improve operations of the alumni corporation.  Brother Jurewicz served on the AVC until 2006, where he served on the chapter’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Committee, and acted as AVC President from 2005 to 2006.  It was because of his long standing and unsolicited devotion to the chapter that they honored him with the Volunteer Excellence Award at the Chapter’s 30th Anniversary Party in October of 2001.

Over the years Brother Jurewicz influenced the lives of many members of the fraternity in one way or another, and in fact, on hearing the news of his passing, over 50 brothers came from across the country to mourn the loss of a very special brother and friend. During his eulogy a few brothers spoke on how John touched their lives. Jim Taggart, Lawrence Tech ’93, said, “His love, dedication, and commitment for SigEp were nothing more than an unquantifiable passion for his Fraternity and the Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon.” Tom Andreozzi, Lawrence Tech ’92, said “He figuratively walked me up to the Red Door of Sigma Phi Epsilon and if it were not for John and joining the Fraternity, I cannot even imagine what the trajectory of my life would have been.”

What are the details of the Memorial Campaign?

As a result of discussions following John’s funeral in 2008 the Michigan Theta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation established the Educational Foundation Committee.  The goal is to raise $50,000 by our 45th Anniversary Celebration.  The committee launched a fundraising campaign which established two tax-deductable funds at the SigEp Educational Foundation.   The Michigan Theta Endowment Fund and the Michigan Theta Direct Fund to support the Balanced Man Scholarship, John Jurewicz II Burning Heart Award, and Leadership Continuum Sponsorships.   Additionally the funds will support the construction of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Memorial Lecture Garden and an endowment to Lawrence Tech which will provide maintenance required for the garden in perpetuity.  This will be an educational space supporting the chapter’s Residential Learning Community.

The John Jurewicz II Burning Heart Award is given annually to the undergraduate member who demonstrates the passion and dedication to the Fraternity exemplified by Brother Jurewicz for over two decades. The recipient of this award receives a full year of dues paid for during the following year from the endowment fund.

The memorial will honor all of our brothers who have passed and will be updated at each subsequent five-year anniversary celebration starting with a dedication event the same weekend as our 45th Anniversary.

To contribute to this fund you can follow the link below and follow the instructions on how to make a onetime donation or reoccurring gift.

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