2015 Spring New Members

Recruitment this past spring was pretty successful and I am very happy with our results! In addition to the two guys who went through Sigma Ritual in December, we added another 9 fine gentlemen to our Spring Recruitment class! Without further ado, here they are! (We are out-doing ourselves in recruiting Nick’s right now)

Erik Ver Hoef

Sophomore – Civil Engineering – LTU Soccer Goalie

Atlaure Hayes

Freshman – Electrical Engineering – LTU Cross Country and Lacrosse

Chris Suchezky

Sophomore – Robotics Engineering – LTU Ultimate

Joseph McNeil

Freshman – Biomedical Engineering – LTU Bowling Team

Dario Dipaola

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas O’Brien

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering – LTU Soccer Player

Nicholas Sytsma

Freshman – Architecture

Nick Doherty

Freshman – Architectural Engineering

Kyle Schmidt

Sophomore – Civil Engineering – Concrete Toboggan

Sahil Jaggi

Freshman – Computer Science

Nicholas Hysick

Freshman – Mechanical Engineering